Uber for Nails: CityMani

You know those days when you are so busy you barely have time to grab an Sbux–JK there’s always time for Sbux–but you know when you don’t have a minute to yourself and are swamped with things to do? Oh and to add to your mayhem, your nails need to be done like ASAP so making time for a manicure is just out of the question.

Fear not, CityMani is a new company that is essentially Uber for your nails. They come to you, wherever and whenever you wish to give you a manicure! I know–I died.

When I was in NYC last month, I had to book myself a CityMani. I met the co-founder Erika London and my CityMani manicurist at Summer Garden & Bar in Rockefeller Center to chat about the company while I got my manicure and sipped on peach bellinis.

The Low-Down on CityMani:

What made you decide there was a market for this type of service?

I hate to say it, but it was pretty obvious. The busier a woman is, the more important it is for her to maintain a polished look! Why waste time going to a salon in the middle of juggling your professional and personal life when someone can come to you!

Who do you get most of your house calls from? Is it typically women in the office?

It’s a pretty even split between women in the office and women with kids at home. Both sets of women are starved of time and this convenience factor is undeniable!

I know Jill Zarin is a huge fan of CityMani, do you have any other Real Housewives of NYC calling up to book a mani on the go? 

Jill Zarin is our favorite. 🙂

Walk me through a typical CityMani appointment. I book my appointment online and you will meet me anywhere in Manhattan?

Yes, thats exactly how it goes! We’ll meet you at your office, your home, the park or even your local bar/restaurant!

Does CityMani offer the option to choose a nail art manicure?

Yes. While this option is not currently available through the website, it will be in the near future and we do take and honor special requests like nail art at this time.

Will I be seeing CityMani at Fashion Week?

Of course! We’ll be painting Cosabella accent nails at their flagship store in SoHo as part of the Lucky Magazine Shop Out event and offering polish changes to guests at four different Triumph Hotels during our Polish Pop-Up event series with Pretty Please Polish.

Get to know the Co-Founder: Erika London

To be in this line of work I would assume you have to be pretty mani-obsessed. How many polishes do you personally own? 

Yes – I obsessively do my nails. Chips are unacceptable! I personally own about 75 bottles of nail polish–don’t judge me.

When was your first manicure and what color did you choose?

My first manicures were at the age of 5 when my mom would paint my nails every time she did her own. Knowing how to do your own nails is a skill my mom taught me the importance of at a young age.

What color polish do you think is going to be everyone’s go-to this fall?

I’m predicting dark purples..

If you had to pick one nail polish color to keep on your nails for a whole year, what color would you choose?

Molly by Julep (a deep, bright red!)










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