Throwback Thursday: GIRLS Nail Color

Nothing says a perfect weekend like binge re-watching all of the seasons of GIRLS (which I completely plan on doing this weekend). In preparation of my jam packed weekend, I started reminiscing about the time Deborah Lippmann made a nail color for each one of the GIRLS. And Deb nailed it on the head! Each color fits perfectly to the character’s personality. While I’m not exactly sure why or how this collaboration came to fruition, I suuuuure ain’t complaining!

GIRLS nail colors

Photo credit

HANNAH: Hapless Hunter Green

MARNIE: Prim and Proper Pink

SHOSHANNA: Virtuous Vivid Violet

JESSA: Bohemian Burgundy

Typically nail collabs are for a limited time only, but you can still scoop up this set of 4 for $45 online at the HBO store or

MTIwOTMzNzI3MjgyMjYzMDcwPhoto credit

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