This Beauty Schedule From 1952 Still Holds True Today

Maybe not totally true….

Us women don’t jump the minute our guys say, “Let’s Go” (feminism at it’s finest). Nowadays, when they say “Are you ready yet?” we’re probably just hopping into the shower. Oopz.

But this beauty schedule from 1952 seems like we could learn a thing or two.

beauty schedPhoto courtesy of Allure

For example, on Tuesdays, it’s time to give yourself a pedicure. But not just any pedicure. This beauty editor says that while you’re waiting for your polish to dry, you should exercise your feet. Sounds normal right? Not so fast. The schedule says to “spread and clench your toes by picking up a marble. Or roll a small bottle back and forth with ball of each foot.

OK, first of all, who the hell has loose marbles around? Unless you just finished a game of Mancala with little Bobby from next door, I highly doubt you have a jar of marbles perched up on your vanity.

Other days include shaving every Wednesday. Designating Thursdays to wash your hair (yes only wash your hair one day a week). And on Fridays, prep your nails and give yourself a manicure after the long hard week.







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