The Real Housewives Love To Get Fish Pedicures

I don’t know what it is, but The Real Housewives of Everywhere seem to enjoy getting fish pedicures when they’re on vacay.

We first saw this “luxury” spa treatment during season 5 of RHONY when the gals went to St. Barths. Aviva & Carole, while semi-fighting, decided to have fish nibble at their feet. (Side note: this was the day after Aviva called Sonja & Ramona “white trash quite frankly”). And then the famous line “Taaaakkeee a XANEX! CALLLLMMM DOWN” was said. Haaa–classic.

St Barths Fish Pedicure

Courtesy of BravoTV via Vulture

Courtesy of BravoTV via Vulture

Here’s the deal with fish pedicures. When we go to the salon to get our usual pedicure, sure we love getting a fresh new color painted on our toes, but nothing is better than–sorry to be graphic–getting the dead skin removed from the bottom of your feet. Gross, I know, but it’s true. Usually a pumice stone is used to remove the dead skin, but during a fish pedicure, Arra Rufa fish nibble the dead skin from your feet. Scared of getting bitten? Since the fish have no teeth they’re just sucking away the dead skin and can’t bite.

Each foot spa has about 150 fish in it and since it would be way to expensive to replace the fish after each person, each spa has its own filtration system that cleans the water throughout the day so it stays sanitary. 

A few weeks ago, the RHOC flew (22+ hours) to Bali where they let monkeys crawl on them, had passive-aggressive fights (obv), and yup got fish pedicures.

Shannon’s face pretty much sums up her experience.

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