The Newest Nail Trend Looks Like Glass

After the last nail fad disaster, I thought all nail trends were headed for the worst, but then something wonderful happened: glass nails were introduced to us and life became magical again.

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Edun Kyung Park, a South Korean manicurist and founder of Unistella Salon, has been flooding her Instagram with glass-inspired nails and me (and other mani-acs) can’t stop drooling at this mesmerizing mani.
You can even get them done in different colors like burgundy, gold, and blush pink.

보석 ?

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

This video really shows how magical these nails are. I mean they seriously look like pieces of glass glued to your nails.


Unless you’re in Korea, we’ll have to wait for this trend to make its way over to the US. In the meantime, try out a foil manicure.
What do you think of the new trend? Tell me in the comments.



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