The Easiest NYE Manicure EVER!

If you want to ring in the new year being a crafty nail artist, then I’d say to start with this glitter ombre manicure. On a scale of easy to difficult, this is a 2, only because you have to paint a few coats. But seriously, so simple.

What You’ll Need:

  • Solid color polish (I like a deep red or dark polish)
  • Glitter polish (Essie Luxe Effects works the best!)
  • Top coat

The How-To:

  1. Paint your nails with two coats of solid nail polish and let dry.
  2. Apply top coat.
  3. For your first coat, wipe the brush off about several times (about 4). You want very little glitter on the brush.
  4. Apply to the entire nail except around the cuticle area.
  5. For the second coat, wipe the brush about 2-3 times, leaving a more glitter on the brush.
  6. Apply polish from the middle of your nail to the tip.
  7. For the last coat, fill the brush with glitter polish. The more glitter the better!
  8. Apply polish to the tip.
  9. Finish with a top coat.

Your tips will be sparkling around a glass of champagne all night long. Side note: apparently the champagne that is the lowest in calories is Brut aka dry champagne. Look at you being all crafty and healthy for the new year! You go Glenn Coco!

Tag your glitter ombre nails with hashtag #MDJNYE !







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