The Best Unconventional Cuticle Oils

Let’s be real–if your cuticles aren’t well kept, you’re manicure is going to look like shit.
Of course, perfectly shaped nails and a vibrant polish color is important, but hang nails and dry skin are not cute. Which is why cuticle oil is the gateway to fabulous looking nails.
Cuticle oil moisturizes and prevents cracking while increasing circulation in the nail bed. The area between your cuticle and knuckle, on your finger, is where your nail starts to grow, otherwise known as the nail matrix. In order to grow healthy nails, this area should not be overlooked when applying the cuticle oil.
Not everyone has salon cuticle oil in their home, but that shouldn’t stop you from Macgyvering some substitutions. Some of the best “cuticle oil” can be found around your house.
Unconventional Cuticle Oil


In addition to moisturizing and hydrating your cuticles, it’s important to tidy up any hangnails or dead skin around the area. Phuse™ implements are my go-to tools in making sure my cuticles are looking fresh. The Phuse™ Push It cuticle pusher helps to push away overgrown cuticles, while the Phuse™ Trim It cuticle nippers removes the unwanted skin.

Push It - Cuticle Pusher


Trim It - Cuticle Nippers



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