The Bad Habit: How to Avoid Biting Your Nails

Nervous? Bored? Stressed? Many of us tend to bite our nails when life brings on unwelcome events, but it’s time to finally stop. New year, new you. This nasty habit may offer peace in the moment, but the side effects just aren’t worth it. You can pick up skin infections and colds, and it can also affect your teeth: nail-biting causes misalignment and enamel erosion. So, ready to quit? Check out the tips below.

BLG-MANI-570x319Use a nail-biting deterrent. ORLY’s “No Bite” has such a bitter taste, you’ll want to avoid putting your nails near your mouth at all costs.

Keep nails short and clean. It’ll be harder to bite when there’s not much there.

Try fake nails. Some may opt for covering their nails with bandages, but faux tips will not only keep you from nibbling, they’ll look good, too.

Treat yourself to a manicure. No one wants chipped polish, so having your nails painted just might keep you from chomping down.








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