TBT: Pink From Paris

This week’s TBT is an old school black and white commercial from Cutex. Apparently they had a collection called Pink From Paris, where the polish and lipstick came in a set? I’m not totally sure, but what I do know is that this ad girl must’ve had a damn good reason for wasting her pink polish on a mini Eiffel Tower trinket….

Pink from ParisPhoto Credit

I don’t really, totally, completely understand this commercial. Like how is it mischievous to have pink nails and lips? Also, what’s with the officer (or random dude with a baton) coming over to disturb the girl while she’s gazing out from a poorly painted balcony. And then bro grabs her arm? Hellllllzzzz no. Get away from me sir.  But don’t worry, instead of crying or batting your eyelashes to get out of trouble (like most of us are guilty of doing), she just puts up her nails and smiles. Imagine doing that to a statey to get out of getting a ticket? Popo would be like “WTF hands on the wheel weirdo.”

Anyway, Cutex is still killing it in the world of nail polish remover so you keep doing you C.

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