Spa Chair Sit-Down with Vivica A. Fox

With roles in Independance Day, Kill Bill, & Curb Your Enthusiasm (just to name a few), Vivica A. Fox is not only a fabulous actress, but super stylish. She is currently a contestant on season 14 of Celebrity Apprentice and rocking some kickass nails during the challenges. I chatted with her about the best nail salons, her favorite nail color, and where she would take Mr. Trump for a mani/pedi.

vivica a fox

Courtesy of Vivica A. Fox

You are on season 7 of Celebrity Apprentice. If Mr.Trump called you up and said “Viv lets grab a mani/pedi”, where in NYC would you take him?

I love going to the spa at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a mani and pedi! The view is amazing and the service is excellent! I wouldn’t ask Mr Trump to go because he’s happily married. 😉

Who on team Infinity (women’s team) would you NOT want to accompany you to a manicure?

I wouldn’t take Kenya Moore with me, because right now she’s not on my BFF list.

Leon Black or LD (Larry David)–who’s more likely to go out and get a manicure?

Leon Black, my brother from Curb Your Enthusiasm, would definitely join me for a medi and pedi before LD!

For aspiring actresses, is there a certain nail color they should wear to auditions?

Actresses should always wear a nice pinky beige color to auditions so their nails are not a distraction.

Regular or gel manicures?

Regular manicures because I have acrylic nails and I change my nail color often. A gel manicure is to much drilling on the nails when removing the color.

What is your all time favorite nail color?

My all time favorite color is a pretty white color with a touch of glitter.

You hosted the Jerseylicous reunion a few times. Would you ever wear the long, fan acrylics like the girls on the show?

I wouldn’t wear the long fan nails that my Jerseylicious girls rock. Not my style!

Are there any manicures that you look back on and cringe at like it’s a bad prom picture?

No bad nail moments for me because I’ve always taken good care of my nails and feet. 😉

You’ve been blessed with a long career. How has your nail style changed over time?

I used to always wear a white French tip nail color back in the day but now I love rocking white and bright colors on my nails and feet.

If you are named the Celebrity Apprentice, you’ll be accompanying Mr. Trump to business meetings. What nail color do you think women should wear in the work place? Can they wear bright, bold colors or should they keep them clean and professional?

Professional women should rock a nice nude or red nail color. To me both colors go with professional attire. #TeamVivica #Team Fox 😉

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