Spa Chair Sit-Down With Phillip Bloch

Phillip Bloch

Celebrity stylist, tv correspondent, actor–there isn’t much Phillip Bloch can’t do.┬áTurns out Bloch is now the Creative Color Director for Haute Polish. The line has 300 colors (ahhhh!!!!) and will be debuting soon. Check here for updates on the launch.

I caught Bloch coming out of the Dennis Basso runway show at Lincoln Center and had to ask him a few questions about nails.

Are you a fan of the pointy nails trend?

Not a fan–reminds me of Cruella de Ville. I want us to head towards a softer look. The world is tough enough as it is–no need for tough nails.

What about nail art–is it here to stay?

I love nail art. It’s so fun. It can change up a person’s look and style–it’s like having a new accessory.

Do you get mani/pedis?

I don’t always get them, but when I do I love them.







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