Spa Chair Sit-Down With Mia Mastroianni of Bar Rescue

Master Mixologist, Mia Mastroianni knows how to make delicious beverages, but when she’s not rescuing bars with Jon Taffer, she likes to treat herself to a manicure.
Read on to find out how Mia keeps her nails looking fresh behind the bar, what she would name her nail polish line, and where she’d take Jon Taffer for a pampered mani/pedi.


Photo courtesy of Spike 

What do your nails look like when you bartend? Gel? Polish free? Chipped?
Since I work with my hands, their appearance and upkeep is very important to me. If I don’t have a current gel manicure, then I keep my nails clean, trimmed, and polish-free. It’s important to give your nails a break from frequent gel applications, but a traditional polish-based manicure won’t survive a single night behind the bar. So I alternate between gel manicures and keeping my nails natural.  
Have you ever chipped your nails and had a piece of polish fall in someone’s drink?
No. Never. 
If you were to take Jon Taffer out in LA for a mani/pedi, where would you take him?
While I personally love Pastel Nails and Spa, I’m not sure their feminine atmosphere is best suited for Jon. So, I’d bring him to Hammer & Nails: a local nail salon geared towards men. It has a “man cave” vibe, and I think Jon would appreciate their oversized leather chairs, dark wood and low lighting. 
What color cocktail would make for a great nail color?
A Negroni: bright red, with a possible shimmer of orange.
Do you think customers are turned off (even likely to leave the restaurant) if they see a bartender/server with dirty, unkempt nails?
Absolutely! Hygiene is crucial. I think leaving a restaurant may be a bit extreme, but appearance is certainly a factor when sizing up the people who are handling your food and beverages.
If you were to invent a nail polish line revolving around cocktails, what would your line be called?
Mia’s Finger Garnishes
Do you have any advice for those bartending with Kylie Jenner shaped nails?
Wow – that’s ambitious! I imagine it’d be difficult to operate a POS terminal, remove foil from new bottles to insert a pour spout, or even grip a bottle comfortably with long nails! Though I’m sure there are women out there who’ve figured out a way to make it work. If that’s your jam, all the power to you, just be careful! 
Bartending is very hands-on. Is there a way to keep your mani in good condition during a long, busy shift?
Like I said earlier, behind the bar gels are the way to go. They’re durable and can withstand lots of bumps, scuffs, and frequent hand-washings. The last thing I’m thinking about during a busy shift is my nails, but I’m always happy when my gels make it through continuous shifts unscathed! 

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