Spa Chair Sit-Down with Lilly Ghalichi of Shahs of Sunset

Persian Barbie, aka Lilly Ghalichi, is not only a former cast member of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, but also a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a selfie queen–the list is endless!

Now that the Princess of Sunset isn’t having those wild fights with MJ (Mercedes Javid), she is focusing on her expanding her brand, including Lilly lashes, hair, and jewelry.

Lilly G

Photo Credit/Etienne Ortega

You have a line of jewelry, Lilly Ghalichi Collection by Avitan. What’s your favorite ring and polish combination?

I love wearing any gold ring with white nail polish. I think the gold and white are so luxurious together and really compliment each other.

Do you ever do your own nails?

I don’t. I’ve tried to do my own and ended up with bleeding cuticles.

You were raised in Houston, TX. What’s your favorite nail salon in Houston? What about LA?

I haven’t lived in Houston since I was 18. I didn’t really have enough money at the time to get my nails done. In LA, however, I definitely have a favorite. “Painted Woman by Kameco” in Beverly Hills is hands down my favorite nail salon. The entire salon is gold and pink. They put flowers in your pedicure water and they serve Sprinkles cupcakes and champagne! Going there is an experience.

You are a licensed attorney in CA. What nail color should be illegal?

Neon green. I just don’t understand WHY?

Your dog Coconut is the sweetest. Do you ever pamper the Persian puppy with a paw-dicure?

Coconut has gotten one paw-dicure in her life, but she couldn’t sit still long enough to enjoy it, so it was her first and her last. She does, however, go to the spa once a week to get groomed. They just don’t paint her nails.

People go nuts for Lilly Lashes-is it hard to apply them with long nails?

Not at all! Girls can do everything with nails, including eyeliner, typing and text messaging; so, applying Lilly Lashes is a breeze!

Any thoughts on creating a Lilly Nail Line?

I almost launched one in 2014, but it was SO hard for me to narrow down the colors. I wanted them all. I love polish and will likely revisit the opportunity in the future.

If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it, what would yours be?

Ghalichi Glam – It would be the most beautiful, metallic gold!








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