Spa Chair Sit-Down With Kendra Larkin of Après Ski

Bravo’s new show Après Ski instantly seduced me. It’s not because I’m a ski bunny (not even close), but I love everything to do with after ski activities–hot chocolate, cashmere, spa days, which sums up this show. And of course the drama.
I caught up with fashionista and nail lover, Kendra Larkin who offered some tips on how to keep your nails fresh in the winter, Fashion Week, and where to get a great manicure.
Catch the finale of “Après Ski” tonight at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo!
Kendra Larkin
Courtesy of Instagram/TheKendraLarkin
If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it for you and each of your Après Ski castmates, what would they be? 
I think the fun of naming nail polish colors is satire, so these names are meant to be funny and poke fun at some of mine and my castmates personalities.
Jim – Mountain Man Maroon
Lynsey – Hit The Slopes Silver 
Char – Give Me A Raise Raspberry 
Bobby – Olive Another Martini Please
Elise – I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends Fuchsia 
Kendra – Side Eye Sapphire 
Do you ever do your own nails? 
I actually never do my own nails! I can never seem to get the right hand done properly! Once I realized I couldn’t do gorgeous nail art, I stuck with the professionals.
Who, out of your Après Ski castmates, would you not want to accompany you to a mani/pedi?
I would go with any of my castmates to get a manicure! That’s when people are at their most relaxed so maybe we could get some bonding time in.
Describe the perfect luxury spa day you and your concierge team could put together for a beauty-obsessed client. 
Renting out the Scandinave Spa for a private full spa experience is definitely the perfect luxury spa day to me! Bring in some manicurists, masseuses, champagne and call it a day!
Are there any good nail salons in Whistler?
Unfortunately I never found one nail salon that could accommodate my nail art requests! I had to travel all the way back to Vancouver to get my nails done! Hopefully someday there will be some talented nail artists that come up to Whistler next season.
You’re from NYC-what’s your go-to nail salon in the Big Apple?
I actually don’t go to salons in both NYC or LA. I tend to look for private nail artists due to my schedule and designs. When I’m in LA I only go to Bel @sohotrightnail. She is my nail queen and can literally create any design I can think of. However, if I’m going for a pedicure in NYC, my go to salon is Hortus Nailworks. I used to live right around the corner and not only do they play jazz, they have a happy hour during the weekdays until 4PM!
What do you suggest for keeping your manicure in great condition during the cold weather?
I always use Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream around my nails during the winter to keep my manicure in great condition! I’m a huge fan of Burt’s Bees. They always seem to keep everything from your lips to your hands hydrated during winter.
There have been a lot less designers sending their models down the runway with nail art. Most are rocking bare nails. Being a fashionista and Fashion Week veteran, do you think nail art is on its way out?
I think there will always be a place for nail art in high fashion. There will of course be an ebb and flow of what is trending, but designers are artists and you never know when they’ll find the need to incorporate art back onto models’ nails to complete the runway look. Plus, there are some pretty amazing minimal nail art designs out there, so nail art in some way shape or form will always be around.

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