Spa Chair Sit-Down With Heather Thomson of The Real Housewives of New York City

Heather Thomson–goddess of shapewear, former Design Director for P.Diddy’s Sean John, and NYC’s gangster chic housewife. When she’s not calling Aviva Drescher a mother f*cker or planning fun soirees with BFF Carole Radziwill, she enjoys the occasional manicure. Holla!

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Do you enjoy doing your own nails at home or would you rather get them done at a salon?

My schedule is so busy I don’t always have time for regular manicures, but I do love to get my nails done at a salon when I can. I will usually get a manicure–no polish. But for special occasions I love to try new things like nail art, and I would even begin to try that at home!

What is your favorite nail salon in NYC?

When I’m on the Upper West Side, I like Polished Beauty Bar. If I’m downtown, I like tenoverten or Paintbox.

If you’re going to P. Diddy’s white party what color are you wearing on your nails?

I’ve been and have worn a natural nail.

Do you ever treat your employees to in-office manicures?

We haven’t done anything like that yet, but it’s a great idea for the New Year!

When Aviva threw her prosthetic leg in the season 6 finale of RHONYC, do you remember what color toe polish she was wearing?

It was definitely a dark polish. Looked something like Essie’s ‘Wicked.’

If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it for each of your Real Housewives of New York cast mates, what would they be?

Carole: RAD-Zi (Dark Maroon/Black)

Ramona: Unfiltered (Teal/Turquoise)

Sonja: Wild n’ Out (Deep Red)

Luann: Constant Class (Nude)

Kristen: Model Magic (Dark Grey)

Yummie by Heather Thomson is all about shaping your body with confidence, in your opinion what’s a nail color that does for your hands what Yummie by Heather Thomson does for your body? (Manicure Du Jour loves slim hands to match our Yummie shaped bodies!)

Yummie is a brand of modern essentials that can be worn on any occasion and any body type to make women feel confident, comfortable and stylish. I think every woman has a go to nail color that does the same. For me, it’s a chic natural nail perfect for any event.

Between being a mom, a successful business woman, and in the public eye, how do you find time to do everything and still pamper yourself?

It’s not always easy! While the power of yes is important, the power of no is self-preserving. I feel that multitasking is a bit over-rated. I try to focus on the task at hand but there’s no such thing as the perfect balance.

This holiday season I can imagine you will be attending a lot of parties, what’s going to be your go-to nail color during the holidays?

My go-to color is Essie’s ‘Like Linen’. I also love a bit of sparkle on the tip for the holidays.

When setting up for Carole’s 50th birthday party, Carole brought in some nail technicians to give her a quick mani, do you and Carole get regular mani/pedis together?

Radz and I do a lot of stuff together, and yes manicures is one of them. Holla!








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