Spa Chair Sit-Down With Elshane of Elshane’s World

Stylist, California babe and Coachella veteran Elshane, of Elshane’s World, looooves bright, tricked out accessories. And she always makes sure that her nails are just as wild as her outfits. Since festival season is upon us, I needed to get the deets on her favorite nails spots, dish on her wedding mani, and find out her nail plans for Coachella.

Elshane's World

What is your favorite nail salon in Los Angeles?

Pampered Hands for a quickie and esNAIL for the perfect nail art.

You had an amazing Moroccan-inspired wedding in 2013! Lets talk about your wedding manicure. Can you describe what they looked like and talk about the inspiration behind them?

My wedding nails featured wedding-themed, individually painted, gel nail art. Everything from a portrait of my husband, to a tuxedo, to an exact replica of my wild butterfly bridal veil. Oh, and my bachelorette nails? Those were triple X rated! A 3D pierced nipple, a woman’s most private parts, and of course, lots of alcohol!

If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it for yourself, what would it be?

It would be a sparkly gold named Turbo Chic.

You’re an LA-based stylist and have worked with countless celebs; everyone from Carly Rae Jepson to Zooey Deschanel. Out of all of your clients, who would you say has the best nails?

Carly Rae’s nails for the MMA’s a few years ago was the first time I saw a pierced nail. We couldn’t get over how cool it was!

You have awesome style and definitely aren’t afraid to wear something wild-ever thought of creating your own colorful nail line?

I’ll leave the science experiments to the scientists.

Coachella is this weekend! What fun nail art do you plan on doing for the festival weekend?

I loved my nails for last year’s Coachella. This year will be more simple because I don’t have 4 hours to sit in a manicure chair. Too busy with work!

All Photos: Elshane’s World/Instagram

What’s your take on nail art? Is it dying?

Nail art is dying. It takes too long and is too expensive. I now prefer interesting color mixtures and a little gem here and there to top it all off.

Do you have a favorite nail polish brand/color?

OPI is the most chip-resistant on my nails. It’s an easy go-to.








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