Spa Chair Sit-Down With Dorinda Medley of The Real Housewives of NYC

Newest housewife, Dorinda Medley, seems to be the voice of reason among this group of ladies unless she’s had one too many dirty, DIRTY martinis, in which case, we need subtitles.
Between her quick one-liners, sequin dresses, and martini madness, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere without Dorinda! And after chatting with her, she really is (in the words of Bethenny) one cool broad!

KT and DM

What is your favorite nail salon in NYC? What about in the Berkshires? 

Olivier Nail near my apartment on the Upper East Side is what I use on a weekly basis. If I want a truly luxurious, over-the-top manicure, I go to The Peninsula Spa because that’s not just a manicure, that’s an experience. I’ve always wanted to go try out Bed of Nails in Harlem. That looks like fun. I don’t get my nails done in the Berkshires. I am very hands-on, in “country mode,” and if my hands aren’t in dish water, they’re in dirt, planting something or gardening. If I do an at-home manicure, I have a gorgeous set of Pop Of Color by Kristen Taekman lacquers and they’re fun!

What color is on your nails right now?

Mademoiselle by Essie which is a light pink and my go-to for my hands. On my toes, I usually go for brights in the summer, so I have orange on right now.

Does John ever come with you to get a mani/pedi? 

Absolutely!!! Seriously, it’s really kind of cute. We’ll make a Saturday out of it and he goes for the full beautifying, grooming experience. Takes a strong woman to take that on, let me tell you! [laughs]

If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it for you and each of your RHONY castmates, what would they be?

Oh wow! What a fun question! Hmmm…well for me, I love the idea of being a “Berkshire Babe”, so that’ll stick with me until I’m gone. [laughs] Hannah, let it be known that this serves as final will and testament: my tombstone shall read “Here lies Dorinda C. Medley, Berkshire Babe for the Ages!” And when I think of color, I immediately think of how amazing a great big glass of Pinot noir is in the fall/winter, when it starts to snow. Too new agey? Whatever. We can be boring and call it burgundy, but it’s a classy color. Hashtag #classy!!! So that’s for me.
For Bethenny, “Skinny,” and it’s gotta be a shade of red. I mean…duh–Kristen has to be “PYT” and when I see Kristen, I see yellow. She looks stunning in yellow. For Heather, “Holla” of course and in a shade of blue for her Yummie jeans. For Carole, “Emmy”. That’s a nice one for her, right? I guess that would be a shade of gold (with emphasis on the shade). [laughs] For Ramona, “Sorry!”, but it can’t be the “Ramona Blue.” It’s got to be a lighter shade of blue, like a “sorry blue”. Does that make sense? For Sonja, “Lady M,” and it has to be something like lavender, mauve, or violet. Nothing simple like purple–she needs purple 2.0! And for Luann, well….[laughs] “Girl Code” and it would just have to be a shade of rosé, darling! Obviously!

You love a sparkly outfit! Would you ever try the bejeweled pedicure Bethenny and Ramona got on RHONY a few weeks ago?

I’d love to! I think people are realizing that I’m always up for some good sparkle. And I do love to press on fake, sparkly nails for an event every now and then.

What’s your favorite color in Kristen’s Pop of Color line?

Definitely the bright orange. It reminds me of summer. [wiggles toes]

If you spilled an entire bottle of red nail polish on a white dress could John get the stain out?

No problem! To date, there’s not a stain he can’t get out. I guess that’s why he’s been called the Sultan of Stains. I guess that’s ok if you’re in dry cleaning, right? Otherwise…not so sure. [laughs]

Do you like to have your nails and toes match or do you like to mix them up?

Light on top, dark on the bottom. Hmm, sounds like the way I dress, come to think of it. But seriously, I never believed this idea that all of your nails have to match. Not every hair is the same color, right? Some eyes aren’t the same color, so why nails? Live it up, ladies!

What age did you bring your daughter for her first manicure?

Oh god…20 years? And she’s 21! She couldn’t even walk! It’s become part of her weekly routine as well.

Do you ever do your own nails?

Generally no, but if I have to because of time constraints, fine. Hannah helps me with that, though. She has a whole Charles nail kit with all the bells and whistles or clippers and buffers and files, I guess.


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