Spa Chair Sit-Down with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of NYC

In honor of The Real Housewives of NYC season 7 teaser, it only makes sense to chat with the Countess about her mani regimen. Read below to find out her favorite polish, where she would take Kate Middleton on a mani/pedi date, and what polish names she would choose for her castmates. As the Countess would say, “Be cool. Don’t be all…uncool.”


What nail color is on your nails right now?

Sugar Daddy by essie

If you were asked to invent a nail color and name it for each of your Real Housewives of New York cast mates, what would they be?

Bethenny: Skinny

Heather: Yummy

Kristen: Pretty

Sonja: City

Carole: Emoji

Ramona: Pinot

Andy:  Ginger

Does the Countess ever paint her nails at home?

No, not if I can help it. I’d make a mess.

With your daughter Victoria being an amazing artist you must have great respect for the arts. Do you ever get nail art manicures?

No, but willing to try.

Kate Middleton recently visited NYC. If Princess Kate called you up and said “Countess Lu, lets grab a mani/pedi”, where in the city would you take her?

The Peninsula Spa

What nail color do you think guys love on a woman?

Red. Red is sexy.





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