Spa Chair Sit-Down With Chris Leavitt of Million Dollar Listing Miami

 Million Dollar Listing NYC, Million Dollar Listing LA, and now Bravo has given the gulf coast a Million Dollar Listing to call their own: MDL Miami! And the cast member who we adore the most? Chris Leavitt–DUH! He’s one chic badass.

Having made the largest condo sale in the history of Florida (it sold for $34 million), Leavitt has dubbed himself the top Real Estate Broker in Miami. I mean, hello, largest sale in the HISTORY of Florida?–ya I’d definitely be calling myself the king of all real estate brokers in Miami. Not to mention his net worth clocks in at 8 million (!!!).

Aside from making kickass sales, Leavitt knows when to take some time for himself to relax. He attends the spa about 3-4 times a week. On a rare occasion, he’ll even chat about listings in spa hot tubs…naked. With his extensive beauty routines, Leavitt was the perfect person to chitchat with about spas, real estate, and if he enjoys a good man-icure.


Photo courtesy of Chris Leavitt

Before an open house, what is your typical beauty routine?

3D Lifting Fluid by Babor Skin Care-It’s basically face lift in a bottle.

Do you get man-icures and pedicures?

Yes, weekly at the Eau Spa in Palm Beach, FL.

What are your favorite nail salons in Miami?

Rik Rak Salon at the Brickell Four Season Miami.

You grew up in Boston (love that dirty water), how are the salons in Boston, compared to the ones in Miami?

They’re not as exotic and fabulous as Miami.

What celebrity would you love to grab a mani/pedi with?

Mariah Carey

Out of everyone on Million Dollar Listing Miami, who does the most primping?

Definitely me, Chris Leavitt!

Have you ever listed a home that had its own spa/manicure station?

Yes, an apartment in NYC.

If you had to invent a polish color and name it, what would yours be called?

Celebrity Blue







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