See This Guy Attempt Pinterest Nail Art Tutorials

cosmopolitan/kathleen kamphausen

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan/kathleen kamphausen 

Cosmopolitan writer, Frank Kobola decided to test out his DIY skills and attempted to do some pinterest nail art. Lets just say his trial and errors had me double over in hysterics. I shouldn’t laugh because some of these designs are actually pretty hard. I’m a manicurist and half of the shit shown on pinterest makes brain hurt just thinking about trying them out.
Between Frank’s artful manis and his one liner descriptions of them, I had a pretty LOL-worthy morning.
The Double Half Moon
cosmopolitan/kathleen kamphausen

Photo courtesy of / Kathleen Kamphausen

LOL Quote: “Adding that last coat was like trying to detail a car that was on fire.”
Fancy Fingers

cosmopolitan/kathleen kamphausen

Photo courtesy of / Kathleen Kamphausen  

LOL Quote: “There are a few times in life when a man has to question what he’s doing and how he got where he is. This is one of them.”
We need to give a slow clap for this brave bro for even attempting to do these intricate manicures. Well done Francis.
See the rest of his manis here.


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