Runa Ray S/S 2017 Runway Nails

Dermelect lead artist Rose Velez-Miggins created two looks to complement the embroideries and clean straight-lines in the Runa Ray Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Both manicures were neutral, yet bold and the metallic accent at the bottom of each nail was the perfect adornment.

Get the Look:

  1. Prep nails with Immaculate
  2. Apply Launch Pad basecoat
  3. Apply 2 coats of Naurale
  4. Apply Memento topcoat & allow to dry
  5. With Diggin You, create the inverted “V” (repeat if necessary for color saturation) To achieve clean and straight lines, use tape or a nail vinyl and remove immediately after application of Diggin You.
  6. Apply  Matte-iculous over the lines/design only
  7. Finish with Revital-Oil

Runa Ray-Dermelect Carissa Lancaster 3

Photo credit: Carissa Lancaster

Look 1: A base with Dermelect Naturale (a toasty beach sand with pink accents) with an inverted “V” in Dermelect Diggin You (a burnt umber). This nail was then accented with a metallic gold bar at the base of the nail. To achieve this look, Rose recommends using Dermelect Nobody’s Fool (a chrome marigold) in place of the metallic media.

Look 2: A base with Dermelect Moon Kissed (a shimmering off white) with two diagonal line/fades in a custom color accented with a metallic gold bar at the base of the nail.


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