Nail’d It Recap: Episode 1 Nail Pride

The premiere of Nail’d It didn’t disappoint. There was cattiness and crazy nail art-a great recipe to make a show exciting. The three competitors last night were Classic Mully, who chose nails over her husband; Jamie Melchor, who’s know for creating duck nails (????) and competing against Classic in previous competitions; and LaToya Parker, expert nail artist from “Hot Miami.”

The first challenge was the Quick-Dry Challenge where the contestants were told to created wearable nail art for their clients, inspired by their clients favorite accessory and personality. Classic’s client’s statement piece was her sequin jacket. She wanted the nails to be sparkly, badass, and also wanted them to make her “feel strong.” Whatever that means. Classic didn’t flinch and just went straight to work. Calm and cool as a cucumber. Meanwhile, Jamie is getting nail polish in her hair and dropping red polish all over the place while her client glares at her. And LaToya, she seemed to be doing fine.

Adrienne Bailon, the host and Cheetah Girl, comes in and coins the phrase “brushes down, nails up” to alert the contestants that their time is up. Definitely adding that phrase to my everyday speech. Judges Tom Bachik and Jan Arnold, critique each contestants work and decide Classic’s nails were the best and chose her as the winner. This means Classic gets advantage in the elimination challenge.

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

In the elimination challenge, the contestants are to upgrade each others previous work with a 3D nail design. Classic seems excited, however LaToya is cringing and expressing how she does NOT want to work on duck feet nails. Bad move saying that out loud Latoya because guess who gets to assign you the work you’ll be upgrading? Classic. I’m pretty sure “mwahaha” is being played over and over in her head. Shocker, Classic gave duck nails to Latoya. Jamie will be upgrading Classic’s design which is something about love and death. Classic will be working on LaToya’s design and says she’ll be able to make it “one million times better.” Ya, she’s not cocky or anything.

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

When they get to the work room, Jamie is feverishly looking for skull beads to use, but sneaky Classic took all of them so Jamie couldn’t have them. Mean? Ehh, kind of a smart move. Jamie starts getting super nervous at how great Classic is and says she is “overwhelmed being around such great talent.” Is Jamie being sarcastic or does she literally worship Classic? Just when it looks like Jamie is about to pass out from nerves, she comes up with an idea and politely thanks her brain for doing so.

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

Courtesy of Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

Jamie and Classic look about done, while LaToya is still constructing the shape of the duck nails after four hours.

Enter Adrienne with her token phrase. And now it’s judge time.

Tom and Jan love the way LaToya kept the duck nails theme and also enjoy the uniqueness of the design, but think the acrylic was too thick. They like how Jamie’s design has lots of dimension, but think it looks too cartoony. They tell Classic that her nails are very avant-garde, but the upgraded design might be an overkill. Classic doesn’t take the criticism that well and tells the judges that she was just “too advanced.” Jan looks at her wide-eyed and tells Classic to be more humble. Yikes.

In the end, Classic wins the $10,000 prize and a spot in the semi-finals. Just when we thought Classic would fluff her hair and respond with something like “told you I was the best”, tears start flowing and she seems genuinely happy/surprised that she won. Jamie won second place and will be allowed to come back later in the season to compete again for a spot in the finals. Bye LaToya.










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