Mentality Nail Polish Is Causing Serious Nail Damage

Customers are going wild over the damage that Mentality Nail Polishes are causing to their nails. No, I’m not just talking a little chip here and there. This polish is tearing people’s nails apart. LITERALLY.

Mentality Polish

Photo courtesy of Mentality Nail Polish

People are experiencing serious nail damage from Mentality polish produced between April and June 2015.

So now let's talk about this bottle I am holding or better yet the Company @mentalitynailpolish! Exactly one month ago today they posted one Important Announcement post to their IG and one to their FB and that was it. This important announcement was "Seriously important". It stated that if you owned any of their polishes and you were experiencing any sensitivity to please discontinue use and contact them. I finally knew what was going on with my nails. It was my Neon Jelly Holo collection from them that had caused some severe damage to all 10 fingers and 4 toes. I immediately started messaging all my friends that I knew who bought this collection to see if they had seen the post by Mentality. They all said NO!!! I urged everyone to email them to get their products replaced. I then took to my IG platform to share my experience and hopefully notify my followers and anyone who missed this post. Problem #1 was right there! I should have not been doing Mentality's job! They felt that a simple post to IG & FB was sufficient enough to notify people about this very serious issue. No information on their website? WHAT? A few days later they post to IG again with some more detail saying it was the Citric Acid in the base. To please contact them if you have any issues. Problem # 2. They felt no need to do a mass emailing to all customers who placed orders in that 90 days period incase people didn't see their Social Media posts nor did they feel it necessary to do a MASS RECALL of purchases made in a 90 day time frame. What the what!?!?! What kind of reputable business does this kind of crap?? They have distributors all over the world which means they have polish all over the world and they have a massively damaging product just floating around out there!!! Maybe people saw the the announcement, maybe they didn't!!! Are you guys following me here? As of today Mentality has never made another announcement on social media about the damaging product except they ran out of base & replacements are on a 2 wk. wait. They have never felt us, their customers were worth it to stop & give us a little respect to notify us of the dangers that could be in our polish bottles! Cont⬇

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While the damage isn’t caused by one particular collection, most are saying the neon polishes are the bad seeds. This helped to narrow down which ingredients were needed to go. Side note: these neon polishes are now 50% off on their website.

Mentality FB

Mentality posted a Facebook statement on July 22 saying that those experiencing “sensitivity” to the polish (WTF!!???????) should discontinue use and contact them for replacements (umm no thanks) and refunds. However, as of August 23, Mentality would no longer be able to issue refunds due to reaching their “physical and financial limit.” K. Thanks.

Don’t forget how magically professional the co-founder of Mentality nail polish, Danny Dannels, handled the situation.

Mentality FB 2

He also posted that he recently fired the group of Mentality bloggers (that “mean the world to him”) because people were bullying them online. So you fired all of them to protect them orrrr?
I get it. You’re a small business and don’t have enough man power to handle all of the complaints coming in but come on. You need to seek some additional help bro.
He closed his statement with this inspirational quote that I’m assuming he whipped up himself.

I am where Mentality has always come from. I am Mentality. I am an athlete. I am a scholar. I am a musician. I am an artist and a maker. I am also a fighter.

As of now, Mentality is pursuing a class action law suit against Arminex (the company that provided the base for the bad polishes) and have recalled all products with the Arminex base.
Ok. Tell me. Are you horrified at the damage this polish caused to nails? What would you do if you were the owner? Leave your thoughts below.


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