Man-icures: Sweden’s Paternity Leave

If you are a parent in Sweden, you are soooo lucky!

Here’s the low-down on maternity and paternity leave in Sweden. The system allows parents to stay home with their child(ren) for 480 days in total. Four hundred and eighty. While getting paid by the State!!! And of those 480, 60 days must be taken by the father or else they are lost. Surprisingly, not a lot of dads in Sweden use up their 60 days!

Photographer, Johan Bävman started his project Swedish Dads, where he captures the sweetest images of dads on paternity leave with their little ones. Bävman wants to “hear why they wanted to be home with their children and what they hoped to learn from it.”

My favorite pic from the series is Martin Gagner with his two kids, Matilda and Valdemar. Martin is 35 and an administrator at Malmö University.

Sweden Paternity Leave 1

Photos Courtesy of Johan Bävman via Buzzfeed

I feel guilty about not having been at home with Matilda as much as I am now with Valdemar. I worry that my relationship with her will be weaker in the future since I worked during the start of her life and I think that as a parent, it is important to participate in the beginning. -Martin Gagner

Bävman plans to document 60 dads to represents the 60 days of paternity leave. Hopefully this project will inspire other countries to look in to implementing a leave similar to the one in Sweden. Lets face it every dad should get a chance to stay home and paint his daughter’s nails!








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