Man-icures: Lincoln Center Chat With Adam LaVorgna

ALRemember Mary Camden’s scrump (short for scrumptious) boyfriend on 7th Heaven? ┬áLet me be more specific since she had her fair share of young lads on the show–Robbie Palmer. Ya, you remember. And if you don’t, flip on the Hallmark channel and catch a re-run.

Anyway, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk to Adam LaVorgna about manicures when I saw him in Lincoln Center filming for his new movie Stealing Chanel with Carol Alt.

Manicure Du Jour: Do people still call you Robbie Palmer?

Adam Lavorgna: Ya, sometimes.

MDJ: Do you get manicures?

AL: No, I clip them myself.

MDJ: Do you really clip them or do you bite them?

AL: No, look. I really clip them.

MDJ: What color do you like to see on a girl’s nails?

AL: Clear.

MDJ: What color would you say “ew” to?

AL: Red.

MDJ: RED!!!?? Red is so timeless and elegant. I thought you would say yellow or black! Why no red?

AL: It reminds me of my mom and aunts. They always have red nails.

MDJ: What about pointy nails–are you a fan?

AL: No, I don’t think so.

MDJ: Do those remind you of your mom and aunts too?

AL: Ya, I would just rather them be short and clean.

MDJ: How about nail art? Is that OK? [As I flash my nail art nails at him]

AL: [Laughs] Ya, nail art is OK.








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