Man-icures: Is Polish For Men The New Thing?

ncla for hufPhoto courtesy of ncLA

Everywhere we turn we see guys taking after our beauty routines. Man buns, skinny jeans–they’re obsessed with our look! I mean, I don’t blame them. Us chicks do have cool style. But what about nail polish for men?

Occasionally we see Brad Pitt sporting freshly painted tips. Sports players here and there enjoy a nice pedicure. Just last week Dwayne Wade posted a picture of lacquered toe nails.

ncLA, HUF, and pro-surfer Craig Anderson think there may be a place in a man’s beauty routine for some polish. Named Craig’s Black Lust, this polish for men comes in a sleek matte black bottle and looks très manly.

Why Craig Anderson? Well he’s a surfer who has made chipped nail polish his trademark.

craig anderson

Photo courtesy of Beauty Blitz via Surfline

What would the men in your life say about a Men’s Only polish? Would they be down with it? Or would they look at you like how they do when you try to explain to them who dated who on Vanderpump Rules? Leave your deets below.






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