Is Sunscreen Ruining Your Manicure?

The perfect bathing suit has been picked, the cooler is packed, and your freshly painted mani/pedi looks ah-maze. Now it’s time to soak up the sun.  

Sunscreen Mani

If you’re anything like me, I burn from overhead lighting so my porcelain skin needs sunscreen. BUT after applying my sunscreen my nails look lose their shine and look blah.
The reason: sunscreen ingredients can be tough to dissolve. So0o tough that some ingredients used to dissolve sunscreen agents are also used in acetone-free nail polish removers. So, makes sense that sunscreen would be taking a toll on your fresh mani. You wouldn’t splash nail polish remover all over your nails and expect them to stay in tip top shape would you?
Here’s some tips on how to prevent a dull mani at the beach.
  • Wear gloves when applying your sunscreen.
  • Ask your boyfriend or polish-free friend to lather on your sunscreen for you.
  • Pre-beach day, dab some polish onto an old compact mirror and let dry completely. Squeeze/spray some of your sunscreen onto your polish smear to see if it softens the film (aka polish becomes sticky). This will indicate whether or not your sunscreen will dull up your polish during your fun in the sun. 
No matter how much you love your brightly colored polish glistening in the sun, do NOT skip the SPF just to save your mani.
Have you noticed a difference in your polish after applying your sunscreen? Tell me how your mani holds up at the beach.


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