How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails

baby nailsYou just had a baby and you can’t stop staring at that little precious angel. Suddenly, you notice they have a cut on their nose. After a few moments of panicking, thinking you somehow accidentally harmed your child, you then realize that their claw-like nails are so sharp that they must have scratched themselves when they were flailing their arms like an octopus. No joke, those suckers are talons. Nicki Minaj type of nails.

So what should you do? BABY MANI! OK, I don’t mean buff and polish their nails, but you do need to trim those spikey tips. I’ve heard rumors about the best ways to cut your baby’s nails, one being that the mother should BITE OFF the tips of their child’s sharp nails. After doing more research, I discovered mmmmm probably shouldn’t do that. Little thing called germs. If your baby has a cut already close to their nails and you put your mouth near it–germ city.

The best time to trim your baby’s nails is while they’re sleeping or right after their bath when the nails are the softest. With newborns, it’s better to use a nail file since the nails are extra soft the first few weeks after they’re born. File the nails just as you would your own, but not rough! After some time, you can use baby nail clippers to trim. Since their fingers are teeny tiny, make sure to hold them firmly and push the skin away from the nail to make sure you don’t clip the skin. If your little one is wiggling around, ask a friend to hold their hand/feet while you trim.

Accidents happen so if you do clip the skin, don’t panic, you’re not a horrible parent. Run the bleeding finger under cool water, then hold tissue/gauze on the wound using a bit of pressure until the bleeding stops. Don’t put a band-aid on the cut as it will come off when the baby puts their hands in their mouth and could lead to choking.

If your child’s nails grow like weeds, you may have to do this process a 2-3 times a week. Multiple manis in a week? Sounds like luxury to me.








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