How To (Stylishly) Tell Apart Your Identical Triplets

After having triplets, the first thing people always say is “they’re so cute!” The second thing people always say is “how do you tell them apart?” Sure you can put different colored socks on each baby or keep their hospital bracelets on them, but socks fall off and those plastic bracelets are so uncomfortable.

Karen and Ian Gilbert, from Pontypool, South Wales, thought up a great way to make sure they would be able to tell apart their triplets–nail polish.


Courtesy of Wales News Service via Daily Mail

The Gilbert’s match the first letter of their baby’s name to the shade of nail polish. Paige wears purple polish on her toenails, Maddison wears mint green, and Ffion wears fuchsia. And look at their cute little feet!

Triplets Polish

Courtesy of Wales News Service via Daily Mail

Mom, Karen Gilbert, told Daily Mail, “It makes life a lot easier when it comes to our daily routine of feeding, bathing, and nappy changing. The color coding helps us to know who has had what!”

Think this is a great idea, but hesitant to apply polish to your newborns? Try Piggy Paint!









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