Does Chlorine Cause Your Nails To Chip?

We already know that sunscreen impacts our polish, but now pool water might be causing chips too?WTF summer! Why are you being so mean to our manis?
Lets dive into why the pool is not so friendly to polish.Rainbow Nails
Water expands the nail bed and can cause your nail polish to lift and peel off. SoOoOo prolonged exposure to water on your nails, like swimming or washing dishes (ew) are not good for your fresh manicure.
However, according to Nails Magazine, nail polish repels water which means that the chlorine can’t get inside and affect the color.
Gel manicures and glitter polish are more likely to survive in the pool since they can fight off everyday activities better than regular polish. I mean, I can barely get gel and glitter polish off when I soak my fingers in acetone. Shit is stronnnng.
To make sure you’re not caught with a chipped nail post swim, keep a bottle of polish in your purse for quick touch-ups.
Have you noticed a difference in your nails after a dip in the pool?


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