DIY Trick To Stop A Bug Bite From Itching

Kate Sears via Real SimplePhoto Credit: Kate Sears via Real Simple

There is nothing better than sitting by the pool during the summer catching some sun and relaxing with a cocktail and friends, but when unexpected guests show up…UGH. No I don’t mean your frenemies, I’m talking about those stupid pesky mosquitos. And when they bite, they itch.
Before you go stir crazy and are forced to tape over mitts to your hands (like Phoebe and Ryan when they had chix pox), here’s a way to stop the itching before you want to die–clear nail polish.
Dab some clear polish onto the ‘squito bite the second you get one. The polish acts as a seal to block oxygen from getting into the bite and causing it to itch.
While there’s no research to back up this theory, take it first hand from someone who has tested it out this summer. Shit works.
PS…did you know only female mosquitos bite? Rude bitches.
Have you tested out this theory? Think it works? Tell me below.


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