Disney Characters Are Lacking Manicures

Yesterday, BuzzFeed came out with an article that made every child question if they ever realllllyyyy watched a Disney movie. Disney characters (the human ones) don’t have fingernails! Well, sometimes they do (in certain scenes), but for the most part, BARE! Just skin, no nail. Got me thinking–what color nail polish would some of your favorite Disney gals choose if they had nails? The Little Mermaid

#BeautyCon is Coming To NYC

The phrase “kid in a candy store” doesn’t even begin to describe how makeup lovers are going to react this weekend. BeautyCon NYC is this Saturday and everyone from internet famous makeup genius’ to beauty obsessors, like myself, will be there. What to expect: *Music performances *Interactive presentations *Q+A and panel discussions *Lots and lots of your favorite makeup brands *Banging’ manicures *Free goodies If you are

10 Best Nail Colors for Fall 2015

When the leaves start changing and Sbux debuts their Pumpkin Spice Latte, it can only mean one thing–fall is here. In addition to swapping out your shorts and bathing suits for chunky knits, your beauty closet also needs some revamping. It’s time to pack away your summer polishes to make room for autumn ones. Here are the ten best polishes to accessorize your fall wardrobe. Cash Money,

Ulla Johnson S/S 2016 Runway Nails

Ulla Johnson’s S/S 2016 collection incorporates the naturalness and romanticism of the prarie. Lead manicurist for Morgan Taylor, Gina Edwards, created a dusty rose with a clay-like finish using Morgan Taylor’s Perfect Match topped with Mattes A Wrap. The matte colored nails complement the geometric eyelets and Aztec knits as seen throughout the collection.

QUIZ: What Nail Polish Color Should You Be Wearing?

Photo courtesy of Melissa Shanahan A fresh manicure=pure heaven. Amiright?? A nice half hour of peace and quiet. BUT when it comes time to pick out your polish, you’re instantly overwhelmed by the wall of colors. Do I go wild and pick a neon or be classy with a neutral? I get it. The struggle is real. These stress-filled decisions can be too much! Find out what polish color you should

Mentality Nail Polish Is Causing Serious Nail Damage

Customers are going wild over the damage that Mentality Nail Polishes are causing to their nails. No, I’m not just talking a little chip here and there. This polish is tearing people’s nails apart. LITERALLY. Photo courtesy of Mentality Nail Polish People are experiencing serious nail damage from Mentality polish produced between April and June 2015. So now let's talk about this bottle I am holding

Bubble Nails Is The Newest Fad

The latest nail trend has me saying “What the actual fuck?”. Bubble nails or hump nails, whatever name people want to dub this wacky creepy nail trend, is literally so bizarre. It looks like you glued gumballs to the top of your nails. #short #natural #pink #blue #glitter #humpnails #cute @nailsbyann ?????????????⚡️⚡️✨? A photo posted by 6364 Martin Luther King 77021 (@nailsbyann) on Jun 27, 2015

Glamsquad: Uber of The Beauty Industry

You know when you have an event to get ready for but you’re just way too lazy to go out and get your hair, makeup, and nails done? GLAMSQAUD is the latest beauty app to bring the pampering to you. With availability in NYC, LA, Miami, and the Hamptons, GLAMSQUAD offers everything from blow outs and up-dos, to makeup applications, to mani/pedis. And even better,

5 Tips For Rocking Dark Polish In The Summer

As soon as the temperature rises and summer hits, we run to our pinks and light colored polishes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice pastel, but I am a Lincoln Park After Dark gal, no matter what the season. Don’t look at me like I have four heads–yes, you can wear dark shades in the summer! Learn how to rock this winter trend with these five

Man-icures: A Nail Salon Man Cave

Have you ever tried to convince your boyfriend (or any male in your life) to get a manicure or pedicure? They either look at you like you have 5 heads or they accompany you to the salon, feeling out of place, and are forced to read US Weekly and Glamour while watching Real Housewives. Now there’s a place for your men to be pampered without