TBT: 90s Polish That’s A Serious Throwback

Photo Credit This week’s TBT is inspired by the greatest club ever–“The Fashion Club“. Yes, the one that Quinn Morgendorffer and her gal pals formed and seemingly left out Daria and Jane. Anyway, remember the Hard Candy polish with the bonus rubber shaped ring that never fit anyone or how about begging your mom to take you to Sephora to drop $18 on sparkly Urban

TBT: Just My Style Nail Decorator

Tell me this commercial doesn’t bring back childhood http://www.comprarviagraes24.com/ memories… Just a few things… This is called a Style Decorator and yet I don’t see much decorating action going on. I see some polish going on the girl’s nails, but not much else. Oh, nevermind I lied. At 0:15, the girl seems to have some sort of a salt shaker that she’s sprinkling on her nails.

Do You Remember Which 90s Celeb Used To Hang With Maybelline?

When she wasn’t out destroying vampires with her blonde, beachy waves, Sarah Michelle Gellar was painting her nails with Maybelline’s Wet Shine nail polish. Watch the commercial and tell me it doesn’t instantly take you back to your Tuesday nights. Seriously though, check out that 90s attire–tinted colored sunglasses and shift dresses. For all you Buffy addicts, be prepared to relive your childhood this summer

This Beauty Schedule From 1952 Still Holds True Today

Maybe not totally true…. Us women don’t jump the minute our guys say, “Let’s Go” (feminism at it’s finest). Nowadays, when they say “Are you ready yet?” we’re probably just hopping into the shower. Oopz. But this beauty schedule from 1952 seems like we could learn a thing or two. Photo courtesy of Allure For example, on Tuesdays, it’s time to give yourself a pedicure.

TBT: Pink From Paris

This week’s TBT is an old school black and white commercial from Cutex. Apparently they had a collection called Pink From Paris, where the polish and lipstick came in a set? I’m not totally sure, but what I do know is that this ad girl must’ve had a damn good reason for wasting her pink polish on a mini Eiffel Tower trinket…. Photo Credit I

Caronia Nail Polish Commercial Including Spandex, Crystals, & Fish [VIDEO]

Here’s a fun throwback commercial featuring Caronia (????) nail polish. Have a look and lets discuss. Sweet hell. Where do I begin? Lets start with the dancing spandex chicks sashaying around oversized bottles of polish. I understand that it’s the 80’s and understand that spandex skort onsies were the in thing, but this just seems too much. It’s not a workout video! Now lets move

1985 Retro Revlon Commercial

For today’s #TBT enjoy this retro Revlon commercial from 1985… First of all, was it customary in the 80’s to have a harp in your living room? And I definitely wouldn’t be snapping my fresh painted tips against harp strings.I do thoroughly enjoy the woman fanning herself with a shoe. Also loved seeing her match her mustard yellow polish to her outfit and dandelions that she

Throwback Thursday: alice + olivia for MAC

Remember when Stacey Bendet did a beauty line for MAC back in 2010? We are celebrating this week’s Throwback Thursday with the memories of alice + olivia and MAC’s love child. For me clothing and cosmetics should be whimsical. They should both make you smile and feel flirtatious. With that in mind, I wanted our packaging and our colors to be like candy. –Stacey Bendet

Throwback Thursday: GIRLS Nail Color

Nothing says a perfect weekend like binge re-watching all of the seasons of GIRLS (which I completely plan on doing this weekend). In preparation of my jam packed weekend, I started reminiscing about the time Deborah Lippmann made a nail color for each one of the GIRLS. And Deb nailed it on the head! Each color fits perfectly to the character’s personality. While I’m not