Oliva Palermo x Ciate London Collection Is Ready For You

  Socialite, The City alum, style icon–Olivia Palermo was named Ciaté London’s guest creative director of 2015 and recently revealed her limited edition collection. The one thing that makes me happier than anything is an amazing manicure! I always wear red; it’s my go-to hue as it goes with any outfit in my wardrobe. –Olivia Palermo, 2015 Ciaté London Creative Director The collection consists of three colors,

Lilly Pulitzer x Target For The ‘First Timer’

It’s finally here. The Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration hits stores this weekend and everyone, including Bella Thorne, is freaking out. From clothes, to accessorizes, to nail polish and lipsticks will be available to buy come Sunday. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have a man in a Lilly Pulitzer tuxedo serve you Essie nail polish on a platter? Source: Class Act Mag Nine Essie

Cinderella Inspired Gel Nail Polish

One of the most classic animated films of all time is being recreated (yes, again). This time with Lily James as Cinderella, who, in the trailer, they keep calling Ella. I don’t know what this Ella business is about, but I’m kind of digging the modern day Cinderella name. Since it’s not everyday that we can get dressed up and go to a ball, Red

50 Shades of Grey & OPI Partner Up For Valentine’s Day

Unless you live under a rock, you clearly know that 50 Shades of Grey , the movie, is coming out this weekend. And whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, you are most likely going to see this film on Valentine’s Day (with or without your significant other). To commemorate this film everyone of all ages has been salvating to see, OPI thought

Nothing Says Happy Valentine’s Day Like Pizza Hut Nail Polish

Photo Credit When you think of pizza, you think of nail polish right? Ehhh not exactly. However, this Valentine’s Day all you Australian single ladies can morph your love for pizza and nail polish into one with Pizza Hut’s nail polish line, created after your favorite ingredients and toppings. The pizza chain came out with eight delicious nail colors for Valentine’s Day including, “Poppin’ Pepperoni”

VOID Beauty is Voiding Out The Bad

VOID Beauty is the latest nail brand to go green. These lacquers are 5-Free, meaning they don’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde-resin, toluene, camphor or phthalate (dbp). Like me, most of you are probably saying “They don’t contain phtha’what??”, but just remember this, the polish is eco-perfected, cruelty free & vegan friendly. VOIDing out the bad here people (get it? get it?)! And for an added bonus,

Drunk In Love Over These Nail Decals

Can Queen B do anything wrong? She’s stunning, has the voice of a melodic angel, and now just casually decided to enter the mani market. Ya, she’s pretty much the coolest. ncla teamed up with Bey to create 4 nail decals based around her hit songs. How long before Blue Ivy is flashing her nails to her pre-school pals? I Come With A Side Of Trouble A black

Victoria Beckham Launches A Nail Collection As Chic As She Is

Ugh Posh–you really can do it all.  A stunning clothing line, a delish husband, and now a nail collection. Our favorite Spice Girl is tapping in to the beauty market with a limited-edition nail collection in collaboration with Nails Inc. The collection will feature two colors: Bamboo White and Judo Red, inspired by the Spring Summer 2015 Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection. I so wish there

Christian Louboutin’s Limited-Edition Loubi Starlight Rouge Nail Polish Is Cray Expensive

Remember over the summer when Christian Louboutin came out with nail polish that sold for $50 and everyone went nuts! Some rushed to grab a bottle (myself included) and some thought that a $50 bottle of nail polish was absurd! Well if you were in the latter group, prepare to be outraged because Mr. L designed a limited edition luxury nail polish for….wait for it….$675.

Don’t Forget To Floss

No, I don’t mean your teeth! Floss Gloss is a nail polish branded that was started in Cali by two college gal pals, Aretha Sack and Janine Lee. They were determined to change the “nail game” and did they ever! The polishes come in wide variety of badass colors; everything from neon oranges to pastels galore. And the packaging is fit for a queen! No