Nail Care 101: How to Properly File Your Nails

Put down the brush and step away from that bottle of polish. Before you go about painting your nails, you need to file them – and yes, there is a right and wrong way. Take a look at the tips below on how to prep, shape, and file properly. After that, you have full permission to paint away. Prep Your Nails Wash hands and remove

Glitter, Be Gone: 5 Easy Steps to Remove Sparkly Nail Polish

Thanks to Rihanna, this has been the year to make everything shine bright like a diamond – including your polish. I’ve never hesitated to add a little sparkle to my tips, but taking off that pesky glitter-infused lacquer can be quite a challenge. Follow the steps below to ensure smooth removal.  What you’ll need: Pure acetone nail polish remover Cotton balls Mini hair elastics Exfoliating makeup

Quick Fix: How to Repair a Broken Nail

Not only are split nails unattractive, they hurt. A lot. To keep splits from getting worse – and looking unsightly – follow the six simple steps below. What you’ll need: Nail clippers Nail file Buffer Clear nail polish Colored nail polish Empty tea bag The how-to: Clip and file your nail to get as close to the split as possible. Empty out a tea bag

Fresh Tips: 6 Ways to Make a Manicure Last Longer

It may sound silly, but chipping a nail after a fresh manicure can be devastating. Want to avoid that sinking feeling? Make your polish last with the tips below.   1. Shorter is Better I don’t know how Lady Gaga keeps her talons looking so great – long nails tend to break much easier than short nails. File your nails to about a quarter of an inch

Smooth It Over: Tips for Avoiding Polish Bubbles

You’ve finally finished painting on the last coat of your at-home manicure. But just a little while later, you look down at your almost-dry DIY mani and see bubbles have begun forming. To keep this from happening again, follow the simple tips below for a smooth, professional-looking finish. Tip #1: Don’t Shake Shaking the polish bottle creates millions of those annoying little bubbles. Instead, roll

Nail File: Do Base Coats & Top Coats Really Work?

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to slap on one coat of colored polish and head out the door. But in order to keep your at-home manicure chip-free and looking great longer than just a few days, it’s important to apply a base and top coat. Not convinced? Check out the pros of these polishes below. Benefits of a base coat: A base coat

Winter Tips: How to Keep Your Nails Healthy in Cold Weather

Dry hair. Chapped lips. We always make sure to avoid these unfortunate winter mishaps, but did you know cold weather can affect your nails, too? Take a look at the tips below to keep them healthy all season long. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Nails tend to lose moisture during winter months. When this happens, they become dry and weak, which causes them to crack and split. The solution? Drink

Nail Shapes: Which One Fits You Best?

Squoval, round, almond. The nail-shape options are seemingly endless. But which one looks best on you? Check out the guide below to find out. (From left to right) Almond While this shape isn’t the most practical choice (unless, of course, you’re Lady Gaga), it sure is fun – and it makes the fingers appear slender and long. Use light colors, as darker ones might look a