The Best Unconventional Cuticle Oils

Let’s be real–if your cuticles aren’t well kept, you’re manicure is going to look like shit. Of course, perfectly shaped nails and a vibrant polish color is important, but hang nails and dry skin are not cute. Which is why cuticle oil is the gateway to fabulous looking nails. Cuticle oil moisturizes and prevents cracking while increasing circulation in the nail bed. The area between your cuticle and

Why You Should Be Smearing Eggs On Your Nails

People eat eggs, drink eggs (gross, but true), and now these little protein filled shells are being used to strengthen nails. Your boyfriend will probably think you’re whipping him up a nice breakfast in bed when you take out those mixing bowls, but throw him a box of Frosted Flakes. He’ll be just as happy. Now get cooking. Ingredients: 2 beaten egg yolks 1/4 cup milk

Mentality Nail Polish Is Causing Serious Nail Damage

Customers are going wild over the damage that Mentality Nail Polishes are causing to their nails. No, I’m not just talking a little chip here and there. This polish is tearing people’s nails apart. LITERALLY. Photo courtesy of Mentality Nail Polish People are experiencing serious nail damage from Mentality polish produced between April and June 2015. So now let's talk about this bottle I am holding

Does Chlorine Cause Your Nails To Chip?

We already know that sunscreen impacts our polish, but now pool water might be causing chips too?WTF summer! Why are you being so mean to our manis? Lets dive into why the pool is not so friendly to polish. Water expands the nail bed and can cause your nail polish to lift and peel off. SoOoOo prolonged exposure to water on your nails, like swimming or washing

Is Toe Polish Doing More Harm Than Good?

When you think of summer, you think of the beach, warm weather, and pedicures. Personally, I would rather lock myself in my house than head out into the world with polish-less toes in my sandals. But, could long lasting toe polish in the summer be doing more harm than good? Unfortunately, it just might be. FML My pedicures can always survive a nuclear war. Like they never

DIY Trick To Stop A Bug Bite From Itching

Photo Credit: Kate Sears via Real Simple There is nothing better than sitting by the pool during the summer catching some sun and relaxing with a cocktail and friends, but when unexpected guests show up…UGH. No I don’t mean your frenemies, I’m talking about those stupid pesky mosquitos. And when they bite, they itch. Before you go stir crazy and are forced to tape over mitts

Is Sunscreen Ruining Your Manicure?

The perfect bathing suit has been picked, the cooler is packed, and your freshly painted mani/pedi looks ah-maze. Now it’s time to soak up the sun.   If you’re anything like me, I burn from overhead lighting so my porcelain skin needs sunscreen. BUT after applying my sunscreen my nails look lose their shine and look blah. The reason: sunscreen ingredients can be tough to dissolve. So0o

The Bad Habit: How to Avoid Biting Your Nails

Nervous? Bored? Stressed? Many of us tend to bite our nails when life brings on unwelcome events, but it’s time to finally stop. New year, new you. This nasty habit may offer peace in the moment, but the side effects just aren’t worth it. You can pick up skin infections and colds, and it can also affect your teeth: nail-biting causes misalignment and enamel erosion.

How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails

You just had a baby and you can’t stop staring at that little precious angel. Suddenly, you notice they have a cut on their nose. After a few moments of panicking, thinking you somehow accidentally harmed your child, you then realize that their claw-like nails are so sharp that they must have scratched themselves when they were flailing their arms like an octopus. No joke,

MAN-icures: The Best Nail Kits for Your Man

Father’s Day is this Sunday and if your dad, husband, grandfather, etc. have enough golf polos and ties to last a life time, switch it up this year and give the men in your life something you know they’re are going to/have to use. Men are always dirtying their hands and very few probably think about grabbing nail clippers or file to tidy up. That’s why