See This Guy Attempt Pinterest Nail Art Tutorials

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan/kathleen kamphausen  Cosmopolitan writer, Frank Kobola decided to test out his DIY skills and attempted to do some pinterest nail art. Lets just say his trial and errors had me double over in hysterics. I shouldn’t laugh because some of these designs are actually pretty hard. I’m a manicurist and half of the shit shown on pinterest makes brain hurt just thinking about trying them

Is It Acceptable For Boys To Wear Pink Polish?

Throwing it back to the 2011 Toemaggedon controversy. Quick Recap: J.Crew sends out a weekly email blast featuring a section called Jenna’s picks. Jenna as in Jenna Lyons, the creative director and president of J.Crew. Well this particular email was a bit controversial. The feature showed a smiling Jenna playing with her son Beckett. Seems fine right? Upon closer look, you see Beckett sporting neon pink toe polish.

Man-icures: Is Polish For Men The New Thing?

Photo courtesy of ncLA Everywhere we turn we see guys taking after our beauty routines. Man buns, skinny jeans–they’re obsessed with our look! I mean, I don’t blame them. Us chicks do have cool style. But what about nail polish for men? Occasionally we see Brad Pitt sporting freshly painted tips. Sports players here and there enjoy a nice pedicure. Just last week Dwayne Wade posted a

Man-icures: D-Wade’s Polished Toes

Dwayne Wade: known for his bitchin’ basketball skills, stylish attire, and husband to Gabrielle Union. Well apparently D-Wade has been trying to drop the lbs. Yesterday marked his 30th day of the 30 Day Transformation Challenge and he decided to post an instagram picture of his amazing progress. Except, most people could help but notice his toes… Today made 30 days since I started the

Man-icures: Biggest Manicure Turn-Offs According To Men?

Ever come home with a manicure and receive a confused look from your boyfriend? Maybe you got a bright color polish or have some crazy 3D nail art. Believe it or not, guys have strong opinions when it comes to our nails. In hopes of trying to get inside a guy’s mind (something all women wish to do), I decided to poll 200 men and

Man-icures: Sweden’s Paternity Leave

If you are a parent in Sweden, you are soooo lucky! Here’s the low-down on maternity and paternity leave in Sweden. The system allows parents to stay home with their child(ren) for 480 days in total. Four hundred and eighty. While getting paid by the State!!! And of those 480, 60 days must be taken by the father or else they are lost. Surprisingly, not

Man-icures: Former Celtics Player Enjoys a Mani/Pedi

Clearly I’m no sports wiz, but being from Boston, I’m familiar with Glen “Big Baby” Davis. After he peaced from the Celtics and went to the LA Cli[[ers, I forgot about him, but now he’s back on my radar. According to FOX Sports West, Big Baby often makes a trip to Bellagio Nails & Spa in Marina Del Rey, California to casually get a mani/pedi.The

Man-icures: Lincoln Center Chat With Adam LaVorgna

Remember Mary Camden’s scrump (short for scrumptious) boyfriend on 7th Heaven?  Let me be more specific since she had her fair share of young lads on the show–Robbie Palmer. Ya, you remember. And if you don’t, flip on the Hallmark channel and catch a re-run. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk to Adam LaVorgna about manicures when I saw him in Lincoln

Spa Chair Sit-Down With Chris Leavitt of Million Dollar Listing Miami

 Million Dollar Listing NYC, Million Dollar Listing LA, and now Bravo has given the gulf coast a Million Dollar Listing to call their own: MDL Miami! And the cast member who we adore the most? Chris Leavitt–DUH! He’s one chic badass. Having made the largest condo sale in the history of Florida (it sold for $34 million), Leavitt has dubbed himself the top Real Estate

Man-icures: Aaron Paul Shows Off His Emmys Mani

Courtesy of E! Online Aaron Paul and the rest of the Breaking Bad crew swept the floor at the Emmy’s last night. I’m talking like dustpans full of wins. No surprise there seeing as it was one of the greatest shows ever. But before A.P. took the stage for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (and made the sweetest speech ever!), he took a