Modern Easter Nail Art With JINsoon Choi

Jazz up your pastel Sunday best with some modern Easter nail art. Using JINsoon Choi’s Spring 2016 Painted Ladies Collection, follow these easy steps to create your festive holiday nails. Step 1: Apply JINsoon Power coat Step 2: Apply two coats of JINsoon Keppel Step 3: Using JINsoon Sinopia with a striping brush draw a curve at a slight diagonal  to mark where you want

How-To: Labor Day Nails with JINSoon Choi

Don’t throw the final summer bash of the season with bare nails. JINSoon Choi is here with helpful tips to achieve amazeeee Labor Day nail art. What You’ll Need: Base Coat (JINsoon Power Coat) White Polish (JINsoon Doux) Red Polish (JINsoon Coquette) Blue Polish (JINsoon Cool Blue) Top Coat (JINsoon Top Gloss) The How-To: 1. Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat 2. Using JINsoon Doux, draw a V-shape

How-To: 4th of July Firework Nails

It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without fireworks, but sometimes the rain gets in the way of this magic. Don’t fear though, I gots a plan. This year, try out some red, white, and blue firework nail art. Trust me, they’re just as mesmerizing as real fireworks. What You’ll Need: Nail fan brush Paper plate White Polish (Rookie by Pop of Color by Kristen Taekman)

How-To: 4th of July Polka Dot Nails

Don’t be caught flipping burgers and scooping ice cream with bare nails. This 4th of July, work some red, white, and blue polkadot nails. Easy steps to follow. What You’ll Need: Base Coat (JINsoon Power Coat) Red Polish (JINsoon Coquette)JINsoon Top Gloss Blue Polish (JINsoon Blue Iris) White Polish (JINsoon Polka White) Top Coat (JINsoon Top Gloss) The How-To: 1. Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power

Love Is Love

Friday June 26, 2015 will get its own chapter in history books. Gay marriage became legal nationwide and people all over celebrated in every way possible. Especially with lots of rainbow accessories. My way? A rainbow ombre manicure of course. Test out this super easy how-to using my steps below. Don’t forget to tag me in your rainbow nail pics on instagram! #loveislove What You’ll

How To: DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar

Ever find yourself needing to take off your chipped polish, but don’t have any cotton balls? Don’t even think about using toilet paper because that’s just a messy disaster waiting to happen. Now you won’t ever be stranded again. Follow below to create your own nail polish remover jar. It’s so0o0o simple. What You’ll Need: The How-To: 1. Cut the sponge down the center. 2. Put

How-To: Memorial Day Weekend Mani

This holiday weekend, show off some red, white, and blue nail art. Whether you’re celebrating at the beach or at a barbeque, this festive MDW manicure will be your best accessory. JINsoon Choi shows us how to get a step-by-step wavy Memorial Day Weekend manicure. What You’ll Need: Base coat (JINsoon Power Coat) Cream polish (JINson Doux) Blue polish (JINsoon Cool Blue) White polish (JINsoon Kookie White)

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

Wearing pink is essential when going to a Breast Cancer Awareness benefit, but instead of just a simple pink dress, I decided to show my support another way–boobie nail art. What You’ll Need: The How-To: Paint two coats of pink nail polish on your nails and let dry completely. Using a large dotting tool (or the tip of a mechanical pencil), draw a semi-medium circle toward

How-To: Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Easter is this Sunday and whether or not you celebrate this Holiday, dyeing eggs is always fun to do during the spring. I’m not talking about using that food coloring egg dyeing set you get from Walmart or Rite-Aid that always makes your hands more colorful than the eggs. I’m talking about taking some of your favorite, colorful nail polishes and following the same steps you

The Easiest NYE Manicure EVER!

If you want to ring in the new year being a crafty nail artist, then I’d say to start with this glitter ombre manicure. On a scale of easy to difficult, this is a 2, only because you have to paint a few coats. But seriously, so simple. What You’ll Need: Solid color polish (I like a deep red or dark polish) Glitter polish (Essie