Caronia Nail Polish Commercial Including Spandex, Crystals, & Fish [VIDEO]

Here’s a fun throwback commercial featuring Caronia (????) nail polish. Have a look and lets discuss.

Sweet hell. Where do I begin? Lets start with the dancing spandex chicks sashaying around oversized bottles of polish. I understand that it’s the 80’s and understand that spandex skort onsies were the in thing, but this just seems too much. It’s not a workout video!

Now lets move on to the actual showing of the nails. I’m not totally sure what stroking a crystal, petting a flower, rolling a pool ball, and squeezing out a tub of paint has in common let alone to do with polish. I get that you want props to show off the nails but really? That’s what you chose? And how about how the hand is just casually chilling by a swimming fish. WHAT?????

To finish off thisĀ 30 second bit of magic, why not have a computer-generated bird fly across the screen. That really drives the product home.

Are you wondering if Caronia is still around? It is. Make sure your volume is up when you open up their page…








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