Burberry Prorsum Sells Spring 2015 Nail Polish on Twitter

Social media is at it again and this time they’re selling things.

People on their phones are for the most part either online shopping or looking at social media (at least I am), so why not squish those two things together. Well thanks to Amazon and Twitter this is now possible. Bad news for my wallet.

Burberry Prorsum thought this would be a great opportunity to test out this little experiment during London Fashion Week. The runway show was held in London on Monday at 1pm and while fashionistas either watched from the front row or streamed the show live from their desks, everyone scrolling through their twitter account was able to shop for the Spring 2015 Burberry Prorsum nail polish inspired by hues on the runway…DURING THE SHOW. Yes, the models would walk down the runway and if you saw a color from the collection you fancied , all you had to do was click the “buy now” button on twitter.

The button would appear next to the tweets and had a link to the product sold through Fancy, an online shopping site. Yeah, technology!

The polish colors influenced by the collection areĀ pink tones: Hydrangea Pink, Bright Coral Red and Pink Azalea and blue tones: Stone Blue, Aqua Green and Imperial Blue.



Photos courtesy of Burberry Prorsum

Anyway, don’t be sad if you missed out on all of this technology buying and tweeting and clicking jargon, you can still scoop up the polish from the Burberry Prorsum site, but only until September 29th so HURRY!








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