A New & Easy Way To Store Your Nail Polish

There’s nothing worse than having endless bottles of polishes and not having a chic and easy way to store them. I tried to store them in shoe boxes (ugly); displayed them on a nail rack (not enough space); even bought stackable drawers (too confusing). After spending hours on pinterest and googling “how to store polish” 16 different ways, I still found no solution.

Then I stumbled upon Color Clutch. This storage box displays 18 bottles of nail polish (in any size bottle!) in 2.5 inches of shelf space. Ya, I know you have waaay more than 18 bottles of polish. Who doesn’t? But even if you have 100 bottles of polish, you can purchase 6 Color Clutches and since the case looks super clean, it will just blend in with the other accessories on your shelf.


Courtesy of Color Clutch via Kickstarter

Color Clutch even comes in a travel case holding 8 any size polishes.


Courtesy of Color Clutch via Kickstarter

And when I say any size, I really mean any shape polish will fit!


Courtesy of Color Clutch via Kickstarter

Color Clutch is in it’s beginning stages so currently the only color being offered is Robin’s Egg Blue, however if Color Clutch surpasses their fundraising goal of $12,000 (which they already have!!!) on Kickstarter, they will be offering more colors. At just $30 a clutch, this is the perfect gift for every polish lover. I’ve already ordered two!









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